The Best Youtube Marketing Resources

On this page you will find all of the very best YouTube marketing resources on the web.  I will keep this page updated.

#1 Free Resource: OBS – A 100% free and open-source recording tool, it is the favorite among many famous Youtubers. It is also the program I use for most of my Youtube videos.

Best Youtube Marketing Blogs

Tubular Insights – Their YT marketing category always has great posts, and it’s one of my first go-to’s. This guy has some pretty good insights on YouTube SEO. I think it’s overall a great site with plenty of gems to pick up. The blog used to be called Reel SEO.

Creator Academy: Ok, this isn’t really a blog but it’s a great resource nonetheless. It’s also one you should go through in it’s entirety, since it’s direct from the horse’s mouth.

Christopher Sharpe: This guy knows what he is talking about and has the success stories to back it up. Always learn from people who have done it already. Hilah Cooking is one of the channels he is responsible for, and they are a major player in that niche.

James Wedmore: James’ blog isn’t all about Youtube, but more video marketing and internet marketing in general. He has some good insights and is a true professional, which is why I read his blog.

Youtube Marketing Tools

Cue Prompter: This free tool gives you a teleprompter that you can use for your recordings. You can setup OBS to have it ignored while still having it front and center on your computer screen. The closer the text is to your actual camera lens, the better.

DownSub – What a useful little site this is. It pulls your subtitles automatically and gives it to you in .srt form (text editors can open this). You can then repurpose the content! I sometimes like to just put it right into the description.

GimmyIt – A giveaway tool for Youtubers.

TubeBuddy – Lots of productivity and bulk time saving options with TubeBuddy. It is probably the most popular YouTube marketing tool around.

Raffle Copter: Easily run giveaways and contests without any coding knowledge. Setup in as little as 3 minutes.

VidIQ: I put this here so I can come back and review it later. Their premise looks great, but I have to test their actual methodology before I can recommend them.

Shorten your YouTube Description Links – This is the new kid on the block, allowing you to link to an additional page in the footer section of any site you link to. – This is a tried and true short link because people are used to seeing it. It’s also found in the description field of millions of YouTube videos.


YouTube Capture: From Google, allows you to film and edit videos on the go, and then upload them to YouTube.

If you’ve got some really good YT marketing resources that I haven’t included in the list, please enlighten us below.


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