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Wix is also a major player in the website builder game. These days, millions of people are making their own websites for free or for very affordable prices. There is no doubt that the web design industry continues to feel the heat from the new technologies coming out of this space.

As full disclaimer I am a Wix affiliate, but it does not affect this review in any way. If you want to jump to the chase, at the bottom of this review I rate Wix.com the best website builder I have tried in the last 10 years. I once had hobby websites displaying up-to-date SNES cheat codes on Geocities domains, if I have to date myself.

The way I look at website builders is through the lens of someone who is not versed in designing their own, and has no interest in hiring a designer. Please use the link below to join Wix free. Then, you can follow along with this tutorial/review and have something to show for it by the end. Take massive action right now!

First Step

The first thing that Wix asks you is what type of website you want to make. That indicated to me that they have a massive selection of templates, and rather than confusing you, help narrow it down from the start.

All of the below categories could be expanded as well, which was cool – they let you get really specific.

Free Website Builder Create a Free Website WIX.com

I decided to pickup a childhood dream and went with Music->Solo Artist. After a quick video intro screen with Macklemore and a bunch of dudes dancing in the video background, I clicked into the templates section. Right away, you could tell there were a lot to choose from.

music templates wixmusic templates wix

There were at least 4 pages in this category alone, obviously one of their strong points. Another thing to consider is how many people sign up to Wix. It’s a pretty popular service, so they need to have as many templates as possible to avoid over saturation. As you can probably guess, the vast majority of people who use Wix’s website builder edit it very lightly, so lots of sites could end up looking similar out there.

The Editor

I hovered over the template that I liked and simply clicked “edit”, which brought me into the Wix website editor. The first thing I noticed is the clean and intuitive layout.

Wix Website Editor

Changing Backgrounds

Changing the background was very easy. With 2 clicks I had changed the red curtains into a video background of ocean waves. There was a nice selection of backgrounds to choose from, with the additional ability to add your own.


Adding Elements

Wow. Wix provides more elements to be added to your site than any other website builder I’ve seen. There are a ton of options to explore, as you can see in the sidebar of the below screen cap. Everything from images to shapes to videos to special buttons and boxes can be added, so play around with it and make your site really unique.



Wix App Market

As if all of the elements above weren’t enough, meet Wix’s app market. This feature set really does make Wix stand out above the rest in this space. You can choose from dozens upon dozens of special apps that will transform your website.

If you have ever used WordPress before, you can compare these to the plugins used with that CMS. If not, don’t worry – it’s simple. Simply browse through the app market and choose the special “apps” to add to your site, where they will be placed, and voila – even more functionality to your site.

There are even specific apps to what kind of site you chose. For instance, I chose a music and solo artist site, and I was firstly presented with music apps. There are also event calendars, facebook like popups, hit counters, comment sections and much, much more.

app market


Getting your site online can be a scary thing to attempt, but it shouldn’t be. It’s easy the old way and the new way with Wix takes one click. You can choose to either publish a Wix.com domain, or you can connect one of your own owned domain names instead.

Everything can be edited from a starting template, polished and finished in just minutes using Wix. I am seriously impressed. In order to connect a different domain name, you will have to upgrade to be a pro member.

I would recommend choosing an option in the middle to start, but as you can see there are options if you are truly bootstrapping it as well.

Wix Premium Upgrade Plans


Ok, but how much does it cost? You can sign-up and start using Wix for free, but that won’t get you the full experience by far. Luckily, unlike many new companies out there these days, Wix is extremely affordable. Not only that, but they offer a number of different options depending on what features you want exactly.

Wix Pros & Cons

  • Free and paid versions with multiple levels of affordability.
  • Stunning and huge template selection.
  • Build any type of site in minutes, even with no prior education or knowledge.
  • Use a free domain from Wix or use your own.
  • Huge number of templates may be overwhelming to some.
  • You have to pay extra for analytics.

You all know that I try to be as picky as possible and always find some cons, so lets see the positives and negatives here. For the record, I had to strain to find something I didn’t like about Wix, as I looked at it through a lens of a noob.


I have tried dozens upon dozens of website builders in my life, from the rudimentary (although at the time modern!) FrontPage and GeoCities builders, all the way up to the current day offerings.

I can confidently say that Wix is the best website builder I have used to date, especially with beginners in mind. It offers so many features and options with simple drag and drop or click-to-add functionality.

A complete beginner with no coding knowledge could sit down for an hour or two and belt out a simply stunning looking website, one that could seriously cost thousands of dollars. Wix has a really great product here, and I suggest you sign-up if you are in the market for a website builder.



Wix.com is a #1 website builder for stunning sites.

$12.42/mo $22.90/mo

9.5 Total Score
Top of The Class

Wix.com is the website builder to beat these days. It enables a complete beginner to make a fully functional and stunning pro website using a simple and intuitive drag and drop builder. The technologies used are out of this world and truly innovative.

9.5Editor's score
9.7User's score
  • Create stunning websites with zero coding or design knowledge
  • Up and running in hours, not days or months.
  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Nothing comes to mind at the moment.
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    Maria September 24, 2016 at 1:53 am

    Yes! I was a total noob and could not for the life of me figure out DNS, domains, and the like. With Wix, I was up and running pretty quickly. Now, I will look into FB ads to actually start making some sales. Im so excited and it’s all thanks to Wix!

    + PROS: Awesome looking site, makes it look like I paid $1000 for a design!
    - CONS: I wish it was always free, but that is asking a lot!
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