In this review, I am going to take a look at yet another website builder, with the namesake “”. It is a competitor to sites like Wix, Strikingly, etc.

I am an affiliate who receives commission from the company, so I decided to give it a spin and see what the inner workings are. Luckily, they let you sign-up and start working on your website immediately.


Right after joining I am welcomed by a familiar looking page, the template selection. You can choose several different categories from the drop down, each with dozens of selections.

The template variety here at is looking very good. Most of the categories are niches, while some of them are types of pages such as “one-pagers”. Those are ideal if you want a one page, scrolling modern website.

Templates WebsiteBuilder

The actual quality of the templates are great. You couldn’t even tell that a professional designer didn’t make your site once you’re through with some of these. Granted, some are better than others, but you get a massive selection. There are some definite gems in here that could help you get a stunning website up in minutes.


I decided to go with a travel blog, one-page design that I thought looked pretty cool. I hovered over the template and clicked “edit”, which brought me right into the editor. So far, it is exactly what you would expect after trying other website builders.

One thing is for sure. The starting point that you have when you first open the editor is pretty nice. You are only a few flicks and edits away from having a fully finished website. Compare that with a website like that took literally 6 months to make! Pretty incredible indeed.

So the concept, layouts and templates are looking stunning so far, and making looking like a real contender. How does the editor work though?

WebsiteBuilder Editor

The UI was nice, with publish & save buttons on the top right, and all the editing tools running down the left. The layout feels good.

Without any kind of prompt brought on by myself, a popup appeared asking me to name my site/pick my domain.

save site name websitebuilder.comk

As with most of the website builders out there right now, you can host on their free domain setup, however, to add a real business or personal domain you will have to upgrade. As a digital marketing consultant, I must stress that you should always upgrade right away.

You will feel much more accomplished working on “” rather than “”. It also looks much more professional, which is the whole reason you are using a trendy website builder in the first place, right? Right.

Adding New Content

The first thing I tried to do with the template at hand was add a few elements. Right off the bat, you can see that there are a lot of options.

add content

Directly under the add new element feature, there was a pages editor. In this section I could quickly switch back and forth in between the pages of the template. That was a good thing, since I originally had thought I had only a one-pager.

WebsiteBuilder pages select

This is going very smoothly and I have yet to run into even one little snag. I would say this is up there with Wix in terms of flow and usability. Very well done.

I was also easily able to edit all of the elements on the page, both old and new, with custom hex code coloring. It was simple and intuitive, something I haven’t seen from a few competitors.


Once I was happy that I had tested out enough of the builder, I pressed publish. Less than 10 seconds later, my website was live. Well done all around by this company, I was a bit surprised at how quick the process was. It is very much in line with other leaders in this industry. Below you can see the finished product, which looks pretty darn good for something thrown together in mere minutes. YOu could sit down for an hour and customize every element of the template to make it really shine.

example sitte

Apps & Social

Next up I took a look at the different apps and social functions that you could add to the site. Pretty much all the basics are covered. They had a good selection. This is one area that I would say Wix really outdoes them, with their massive app marketplace.


apps and socila


The pricing at is actually very impressive. Only the e-commerce option is over $10/month. They offer 4 different levels of membership, all with varying benefits and features.

Compare Plans WebsiteBuilder

Pros & Cons

What did I like the most about

  • Superb templates & website editor
  • Top of the line trendy designs
  • Pricing is spot on
  • So easy it’s unbelievable
  • Not as big of an app market as Wix, but still covers the essentials.
  • Branding on free versions is big and ugly (don’t worry, it’s gone after upgrading).


In conclusion, comes up with a very top notch product, all at an affordable price. It is a serious player in this game and one that you should consider. Don’t know if it’s right for you? You can try it 100% for free, and build your entire website out. Then, if you like what you see, you upgrade to get your own domain name and of course remove the branding in the footer. Overall, this gets two big thumbs up from me as a viable website builder, allowing you to make stunning websites in ¬†mere minutes.
 is a premier player in the website builder game. What a name, eh?


9.4 Total Score
Amazing site builder.

A top of the line offering, is one of the big players in the website building space. It's intuitive UI paired with stellar designs will allow a complete noobie to make a stunning website in just minutes. It's truly a masterpiece.

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