15 Actionable Social Marketing Tips – And Their Immediate Benefits

We all read too many lists these days with blasé tips that are too vague to pull off without x and/or y variable in your favor.

Enough of that.

Here are 15 actionable social media marketing strategies that you can actually implement today.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 team or a one-person show, these tips will still apply to you.

Not only that, I also give the direct benefits of each strategy as well.

1. Personalize Your Welcome Messages on Twitter

Benefit: Increase engagement and likability.

Take 30 seconds and personalize your welcome message every time somebody follows you out of the blue.

How to do it: 

This guy followed me on twitter, and it took me less than 10 seconds to find an accomplishment I could compliment him on. Do this with every new follower and you will connect with them on a much deeper level. It’s so easy because you stand out – nobody else is doing it right now.

proper twitter follower protocol

When you initiate contact right off the bat, it dramatically increases the chances of future engagement between the two of you.

Who needs another social follower that pretends you don’t exist?

This is good practice for sure. Yet, what do most people’s welcome message look like?

I set this up on one of my dormant niche sites as to not call anybody out in specific. Ladies and gentleman, here is how not to do it.

how not to do it

Seriously, what good does that do for your social efforts? It lets the person who was interested in you know that they mean jack squat to you, and you’ve already started automating this relationship.

Good talk.

If you are going to automate anything, automate a DM that asks something light such as a Youtube subscribe, Linkedin Connect, or FB Page like. In addition to this, ask directly where else you could follow them if they would like.

This adds value and also lets them know how you can help. This is how you growth hack your Twitter list.

If you have a dedicated social media team or person, however, this should be done manually 100% of the time.

Yes it’s more work, and yes you will stand out like a diamond in the rough.

2. Tell a story.

Benefit: Increase conversion rate.

Long before industry folk discussed FB ads in private forums and FB groups, there were underground masterminds on social traffic occupying chat rooms on the depths of IRC.

We talked a lot about Myspace Ads, and organic Myspace reach (oh those were the days).

Do you want to know one big thing we all figured out back then, that still holds true today?

Telling a story creates massive conversions on social media. Don’t think you have to make something up either – dig deep.

Everybody has a story.

How to do it: 

Whether it’s your bio on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Linkedin, make sure your story is told through words and images.

The key is to make a connection. 

A person should be able to differentiate you from the noise within 10 seconds to even be able to contemplate learning more.

Tell people what you believe in and what your purpose is, and then throw in a CTA to boot.

Telling stories to sell is nothing new, but many people don’t do it on social. Both Social Media Examiner and Post Planner have made entire posts on the topic.

3. Engage Back

Benefit: Increase brand loyalty and further engagement.

Stop ignoring people – you’re not that cool. If your “social media team” is not answering every single real human being that tweets at you in some way, they are not doing their job properly.

How to do it: 

If a customer or follower keeps liking or engaging with your posts, throw them a bone and like something of theirs back once in a while.

For the average Twitter user who hears crickets with every post, you would be surprised how it could stick out in their mind.

I still remember a famous musician “retweeting” my tweet 4 years ago, because I was so surprised he’d had even seen in the first place. It made them much more human and accessible to me.

Social media positions are about branding and engagement, not staring at FB feeds like zombies or hunting down funny cat videos.

Social Marketing Tip by Kyle Healey #3

4. Give Your Team More Access (and trust).

Benefit: Save time, be more present on various networks.

Don’t be scared to let multiple employees add to the social media output.

Of course you need to teach them company rules and best practices first.

It’s such a noisy world out there right now, and you do need to be loud too. Too many companies are timid and won’t let any of their employees even talk about the industry on social.

Unless you are Microsoft, you won’t have to be worrying about your social accounts getting too much negative attention.

How to do it: 

I am assuming your entire team (if you have one) has access to update your social media profiles.

The old addage “two heads are better than one” really holds true when it comes to a company’s social efforts.

With popular tools like HootSuite and AgoraPulse, you can not only give your team full access, but also have one or two people be the “approvers” (so nothing distasteful gets sent out).

hootsuite team members

5. Setup IFTTT

Benefit: Save time, increase reach.

I am not big on automating many parts of social media, but IFTTT sure does have some time saving recipes.

How to do it: 

Check them out but don’t go overboard. What types of recipes do I recommend?

Re-posting of your material from your tier 1 social networks (ones you regularly engage on) into your 2nd tier networks.

That keeps the other profiles active even though you aren’t really ever there.

What you shouldn’t automate is the social media accounts that are supposed to be your main platforms, sit back and binge watch Game of Thrones.

Like, seriously?

save time with IFTTT

Further Reading: The Buffer Blog produced 40 great recipes for IFTTT. They aren’t all amazing, so pick and choose what’s right for you.

6. Streamline Your Social Profile Pics. Or Don’t.

Benefit: Authenticity

People have been arguing over this issue for years, and often entrepreneurs pine over the decision.

Nobody to my knowledge has ever done any type of test to see which will be better for social growth or conversions, so it’s a moot point.

More social fluff talk that doesn’t mean much.

How to do it: 

If you want to streamline your pictures to build brand identity, do it. If you want to personalize each network for the audience on it, do that to.

Or just be trendy and throw your Snapchat code up (hover over the below with your Snapchat camera to add me btw).

Growth Hacking ftw. 

It really does not matter, as long as the profile picture represents you, your personality and your brand.

7. Add long descriptions on Pinterest pins. It’s  a search engine.

Benefit: SEO (both traditional and Pinterest search)

One of the best ways to get traffic in certain niches is through Pinterest.

You really need to hit big numbers before that starts to become commonplace though, and one way to get lots of repins is having images (with links to your site) showing up in Pinterest’s search engine.

How to do it: 

Under each pin on your account you can write a full description. You should write several paragraphs containing popular keywords. You can use SEMRush to get keyword volume data and form a strategy around that.

Don’t forget – Pinterest is a search engine as well, and a very large one at that.

There is a lot of organic search traffic within the site itself, in a similar to Youtube.

It will also help your pins and/or account get picked up Google.

Proper Pinterest SEO

You can check out a full Pinterest SEO guide at WishPond

8. Lure them to your list

Benefit: Grow E-mail List, Capture more leads.

One of the  most beneficial things you can do with your social media profiles is to lure your customer base onto your e-mail list.

You do so by using a tantalizing lead magnet. 

Use coupons, special exclusive content, free e-books or courses, or whatever you can think of. It just has to be alluring.

How to do it:

In the picture below, you can see that I offer a download in my Twitter bio:

kyle healey twitter

You could even go a step further and put another CTA in your Twitter header.

I don’t always have this here, but the header takes up a ton of real estate so it can be taken advantage of.

twitter header ctr

If you want to learn more about lead magnets, check out Kat Sullivan’s free or paid courses. She is one of the best at this.

9. Proactively Engage

Benefit: Save time, increase engagement, stay organized.

What does the average major company’s social “engagement” look like on a daily basis?

Something along the lines of “Whats everyone doing today!?” or “Like this pic I found on Reddit!”. That is not engaging, it is just soapboxing behind a thin veil.

How to do it: 

If you practice proactive engagement on a site like Twitter, you could first make a list of people who you follow that make quality tweets. Follow that list’s feed in the morning and engage with 3-5 leads/customers every day. Just reach out to them and tell them to have a great day.

That’s it. Offer value in emotion.

I’ve taken it a step further and made lists based on topics I also have an expertise in.

Twitter lists for proactive engagements

That way I can quickly engage, network and display my expertise on topics I know the best.

10. Make a List of Your Tribe Members on Twitter

Benefit: Save time, organization, increase engagement, loyalty

The people who are engaging with your content on Twitter can exponentially grow your business if they are true tribe members.

How do you keep them loyal though?

social media twitter marketing

How to do it:

Go through your Twitter feed and add anyone who retweets, likes or comments on your feed into a special, private list. Call it “RT” or whatever. Then keep an eye on this list every now and again and engage with this list.

Yes, engage. 

These are your Tribe members and the people who are going to spread your message for you – if they feel valued. If you ignore them, eventually they will just go away. Of course it wasn’t malicous on your part, you were just busy. A lost advocate and tribe member, however, can be costly.

11. Add Hootsuite Chrome App

Benefit: Save time, increase presence, auto-scheduling.

How To Do It. 

Assuming you are already a member of HootSuite, grab their awesome Chrome app here. If you are in charge of more than one website’s social media accounts, this is a massive time saver.

I have had a subscription with them for years and have never even thought about cancelling.

I’ve also done a full HootSuite review if you want more information.

12. Sumo Me

Benefit: Grow list, improve site aesthetics.

Some of the biggest sites in the world use SumoMe’s standard and more unique social sharing tools. Here I explain how you can set it up very quickly on your site:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/a1tis8_Afjw” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

How to do it:
Simply install sumo me “over” your website and pick which functions you want to run.

On my site, I currently only use the top bar, however I have tested pretty much every feature on various affiliate sites I run.

The pro version offers more features, but the free version can be used to great success as well.

13. Buzz sumo

Benefit: Find influencers, find most shareable topics.

Buzz Sumo has a lot of great features, but for this one we are going to find influencers who share a lot of 3rd party links. Then you’ll reach out to them and ask them to share your (valuable) piece of content as well.

How to do it: 

Click on the influencers tab of BuzzSumo. Sort by keyword or URL, and find out which influencers (and other bloggers/social media users) shared any particular piece.

You can identify who are frequent sharers as well, and lay out the strategy of your influencer outreach program with ease.

Here’s a quick video review of Buzz Sumo I did.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/OmOVf3LfZ3Q” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

14. Pinned tweets

Benefit: Highlight an important CTA, attract leads.

This should be an obvious one but there are a shockingly high number of businesses that don’t utilize the pinned tweets.

How to do it:

Make a tweet that has a CTA in regards to your lead magnet (ie: coupon, special offer, giveaway, etc.) and then click the 3 dots under the tweet. Select “pin this tweet”. You can only pin 1 tweet at a time, and any new pin will replace the old one.

Pinned Tweet

15. Use Gazing

Benefit: Increase ctr to your lead magnet/offer from your social profile. 

How to do it:

You can use gazing in your cover or profile pics in order to draw attention to your call to action links.

Amy Porterfield is an expert at doing this, but the concept is nothing new. Studies have always shown that a user’s attention is drawn to an area on the page where a human is “gazing”.

amy porterfield

For further reading on eye-tracking, check out Neil Patel’s epic overview here.

At the end of the day, you can’t be too worried if one piece of content doesn’t do well on social. It’s an ongoing process, similar to how a professional poker player can make millions over time even though he loses on many nights. Keep up good strategy and you will see the benefits over time.


You’ve just learned some of the fastest, most actionable and easy to implement social media marketing hacks. I’ve got a lot more to come, that’s for sure.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog to be the first to know when the next one comes out.

Hopefully you will take immediate action and implement some of these things into your social media marketing plan.

As always, contributions are more than welcome in the comments section.

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    Think about the goals or outcomes that your business wants to achieve because that will get you to stop using tools and platforms that don’t have an impact on your bottom line.

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