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SEMrush is the leading SEO tool, and has been for many years. It is the #1 tool in most professional SEO’s toolbox.

I am a current customer of SEMRush and I highly recommend it as the #1 SEO tool out right now. Every website owner should be a subscriber. Take a free trial and see what I mean. I am also an affiliate with SEMrush and earn commissions from successful sales (at no cost to the customer).

What are the Benefits?

Honestly, where do I start? This tool provides a ton of benefits to me as a digital marketer and entrepreneur. While I’m sure you can find dozens of different benefits with SEMRush, here are my top ones:

  • Insights – Whether it is insights into an industry as a whole, a keyword phrase, or a specific competitor, no tool provides as useful data as SEMrush does. When I gather the various data, I feel like it’s almost unfair. I can look at what a competitor is ranking for, quickly determine which ones are making them money, and then attack those keywords myself. I can then find LSI related keywords to pad my content and have it get even more traffic than the competitor is. The data is there, and it’s a God send for those who know how to use it.
  • Strategy – SEMrush can very quickly help you determine a strategy because it outlines your competitors and what they are ranking for.
  • Backlinks – One of the best parts of the competitor analysis is backlink checking. I find the SEMRush database to be robust and more accurate than any other I have tried. If you can see all of the backlinks a well ranking competitor of yours has, you can very quickly develop a strategy to get some of them for your own site.

Who is it meant for?

Anybody who owns a website! Seriously though, if you are not using SEMRush and your competitor is, watch out.

They will very likely be encroaching on your business from all angles. They will know 100% what is propping you up, where your traffic is coming from, which buyer keywords you rank well for, etc. If they know that about you, and you don’t know that about them, your business and rankings could be in serious trouble.

I don’ t think there is another digital marketing tool out there that is even close to SEMRush in this aspect.

Buy it, period. It is well worth the business expense.

I can honestly recommend this tool to anybody because it will help both veterans and complete beginners.

As a veteran internet marketer, I can very quickly find relevant data and come up with a plan to attack any competitor.

If you are a beginner, it is laid out in such a way that you too will be able to gain lots of value from within.


Site Audit

One of the first features you should jump into is the site audit. Simply plug in your domain. I found it went a lot deeper and was more accurate than similar tools I’ve recently tested. The site audit gives you an expandable and clickable macro view of your site’s health.


Domain Analytics

The first section of the robust SEMrush tool is the Domain Analytics tab. I go into much more detail of each feature in my video review and tutorial series, but here is a screen:


Keyword Analytics

The second major section found in the dashboard is Keyword Analytics. Here you will find detailed keyword research tools that can be a real game-changer.


Rank Tracking

One of the most useful features about SEMRush is the rank tracking. Other tools only provide or fully focus on rank tracking, but to SEMRush it’s just another drop in the bucket. All the more reason to take their trial, learn it inside out and see how much it can add value to your day-to-day.

SEMrush rank tracking

Competitor Analysis

While checking out your own stats is always nice and helpful in many ways, you will undoubtedly see as much value by looking up your competitor’s websites. You can see the keywords they are ranking for and where they have gotten backlinks.

Then you can sort which backlinks seem more valuable. This kind of intelligence is extremely valuable, because the insights that open up can be truly ground-breaking for your business. I have picked my jaw up from the floor multiple times when seeing some easy “buyer’s keywords” that some weak competitors were banking off of.

Who are SEMRush’s competitors?

SEMRush has some smaller competitors like SerpBook, which handle rank tracking very well. They also have bigger competition but I don’t even review those options on my site for the most part. I will actually be adding a couple more similar tool reviews later in the summer, but my current opinion remains unchanged: SEMRush is the leader. I currently don’t recommend  any alternative to SEMRush.

My professional advice is to use SerpBook if all you need is very minor rank tracking, and use SEMRush as a robust research and strategy tool. I can consult anybody using SEMRush and within an hour come up with a strategy to start to take lunch off their competitor’s tables.

You don’t need to go make things harder for yourself by pining over the differences in different SEO tools, when a 10-year veteran just told you what to do – for free.

Should You Buy SEMRush?

It is my opinion that anybody with an online business should own this tool. Which pricing option you go for is completely up to you, and depending on what your needs are.

As a solo entrepreneur, the Pro version should be suffice. That is the version that I use, and it is sufficient indeed.

SEMRush Pricing

As you can see, there are 3 levels of pricing. Which one you choose will be based solely on your usage needs.

If you are a solopreneur with one or two sites, the first option is the best. If you are a large agency, you will need the most expensive version, etc.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMRush is my current top tool that any digital marketer should own. I have compared it to ALL of it’s competitors, both big and small. At the end of the day, SEMRush does what they do and more. SEMRush is the closest perfect score that I have given to any tool on this website.


The penultimate SEO tool - a must have for anyone trying to rank a website.


9.6 Total Score

SEMRush is the Elite digital marketer's tool. With a laser focus on al things SEO, SEMRush is your all-in-one backlinking, research and strategy solution.

Feature Set
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    Derek July 5, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    SEM Rush really is the bees knees of SEO tools. You don’t need to juggle 4 or 5 different tools, everything is all-inclusive with this one.

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