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Yay, another paid subscription tool that you are going to feel like you need!

Seriously though, I have been meaning to try out Push Crew for a while now, and after finally seeing it on enough sites I clicked through and started my trial .

pushcrewPersonally, I initially found these pop-ups asking for notification permission to be annoying. Some people messed around with the buttons and made both options sound like a “no”. Not cool.

After a while though, I’ve gotten used to seeing them and just hitting no or yes. That’s some good conditioning for you.

Luckily, the crew was smart enough to go with the very appealing freemium model for their SaaS.

As an aside, I strongly believe that a freemium model with clever restrictions (more on those below) is the fastest and smartest way to grow a start-up in modern times.

What is PushCrew?

PushCrew is the super trending tool that you are seeing on more and more blogs, especially in the internet marketing industry.

push crew subscribers

This is your main dashboard where you can see a macro view of the important stats, as well as the most recent subscribers (and what page they came from).

It’s responsible for the button that pops up asking for you to allow browser notifications.

Push notifications are just another way to keep your subscribers updated about your latest work in an ever-increasing and competitive environment.

How Does It Work?

The initial setup at PushCrew.com is very easy. Simply edit the default values already present, as you can see I did below:

Push Crew REview

Then you will need to paste the provided code between the <head> tags on your site.

Also put in your RSS feed, and you will be completely set-up.

Push Crew Review

Now, whenever somebody visits my site, Push Crew will ask them if I can send them notifications.

If they click yes, they will receive a notice in the bottom right corner when they open up their Chrome or Firefox that I have an update.

Push Crew API

For the developers among my readership, and those who employ them, there is an API that you might want to take a look at. Some cool tools have already sprung up.

push crew api


There are 3 levels of pricing at PushCrew, after the free account. The free version is limited to 500 subscribers and more importantly, doesn’t work on mobile. I thought this was a very clever restriction, and I can see it being a very big deal to some.

The next level up is business which allows for a few more accounts, and then you can contact them for “enterprise”. At every level, extra subscriber limits can be purchased.

The three prices are $25, $75 and custom for the enterprise level.

I do believe the price is slightly out of touch with realistic expectations. It is an extremely good tool, a very useful tool, and I’m sure many marketers will splurge. However, with only 1 account at $25/month and the next level up being $75, I think they will need to toy with those numbers to really see massive sales.

To me, this is a $9.99/mo max subscription, but probably closer to $6.99. I’m sure they don’t want to hear me say that, but you’ll make that up with the enterprise accounts once it’s a must have feature of any site.

Also, as far as I know, PushCrew are first to market. I’m not sure if they’ve got a patent or not, but regardless, somebody somewhere is trying to make a better version.

That being said, perhaps PushCrew already thought this through. The 500 subscribers for the freemium version is actually pretty generous.

Of course with more and more of your web traffic coming from mobile, and mobile notifications being like Pavlov’s bell, there is some serious value there. $25/mo worth per site? You tell me.

My Thoughts

I think once I get to 500 subscribers on Push Crew I will have to subscribe. I hope by then they have some more realistic pricing options, because over $300 CDN a year for a tool is pricey.

Not by itself mind you, but these SaaS companies have to remember people are already overloaded. Business owners are looking to cut subscriptions because many of us have let it get out of hand.

Balance that with so many other startups coming out with useful tools as well, and the money has to stop somewhere.

I will say that PushCrew.com is one of the most unique and valuable tools I have reviewed so far. I highly recommend you start off with the free version and test it on your own site.

Remember though, you need the pro version to show the feature on mobile.

Have any of you upgraded to the pro version?


The browser notification subscriber tool.


9 Total Score

Push Crew is an excellent addition to any site or blog, allowing you to tap into browser notifications.

  • Extremely useful for gaining subscribers and future traffic.
  • Fairly unobtrusive
  • Great options to customize your button
  • Very generous 500 subscribers for the freemium model.
  • Borderline overpriced on both 1st and 2nd levels.
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