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What is HootSuite?

HootSuite is in the category of “Social media dashboards” under the wider category of “Social media tools”. The main point of the software is to keep multiple social media accounts organized and centralized under one dashboard, to help you with your SMM strategy, and to save you and your team massive amounts of time. In my professional opinion, it does what it sets out to do.


I am a current subscriber to HootSuite, and I recommend you do the same. I open my HootSuite app a lot, and it is a huge time saver for my business.

Hootsuite is an absolute life saver if you are running the social media accounts for more than one website/project/client. Even when I had laser focused my efforts on to just one website, I kept my HootSuite subscription simply for their mobile app.

I have used HootSuite daily for a long time. It has a lot of different benefits for different types of business owner. I myself have used it for several different completely unrelated ventures, all with great success.

Who is it for?

Hootsuite can be utilized by many different types of people and businesses. It is the most popular social media dashboard in the world year-after-year for good reasons (albeit, it has a lot of competition these days). Basically, if you are in charge of handling the social media for any number of websites, you could benefit from HootSuite or one of it’s major competitors. Some “titles” of people who would find use in HootSuite include:


Social Media Managers

Business Owners

Anyone who runs more than 1 social account

The HootSuite Mobile App

As I mentioned in the intro, one of the main reasons that I have kept my HootSuite subscription is because of their great mobile app. While it isn’t perfect, it certainly saves me enough time a month to justify the subscription. I used to use “Every Post” app to post to my networks and HootSuite just to view my feeds, but the HootSuite app posting feature is much smoother. Now, I use it for both checkout out feeds and for posting or scheduling a post.


Pricing for HootSuite varies widely depending on what your usage needs will be. If you are just a solo entrepreneur handling either several social accounts on the same platform, or multiple platforms with 1 account each, you can easily get by with their normal $9.99/month plan. Here is how it all breaks down:


  • Free – $0 – up to 3 social profiles (limited but OK to test it)
  • Pro – $9.99/month – Up to 50 Social profiles (as you can see, most solo entrepreneurs would go into this category. Additional users are $9.99 for the first one, $14.99 for the next 9)
  • Small Business – Starts at 5 users. The price is not shown because it is highly negotiable.
  • Enterprise – $$$ – This is a custom solution for businesses. Pricing varies on your user base, and it is negotiable!

So which one do you need? It’s simple.

If you’re a solo or few person team, choose Pro. If you’re a small business, go for the Small Business package. Enterprise is for larger companies or even entire regions. Remember that all HootSuite packages are monthly payments, unlike Buzz Bundle (one-time fee).

Click here to start your free trial and see how much time and hassles you can save yourself, starting today.

Pros & Cons

Now we can look at some of the positive and negative aspects of the tool .

  • Access multiple social networks and profiles under one $9.99/month account.
  • Solid interface
  • Very good mobile app
  • 3rd party app directory
  • Some of the 3rd party apps are useless and seemingly just for show, and you have to weed through some bad ones before you find a gem or two.
  • The interface is a bit bulky. I prefer AgoraPulse’s interface.
  • The amount of options and plugins can be overwhelming and unnecessary if you only are running one business.


Who is the main Hootsuite competition, and what about alternatives to HootSuite? The truth is, this is a very competitive market. I suggest you take a free trial of both HootSuite, Buzz Bundle and Agora Pulse to see which one works best for you.


Should you be using HootSuite? In my humble opinion, you are losing valuable time every day if you aren’t using HootSuite or BuzzBundle (I’ll even throw in Agorapulse into the ring these days). A tool like HootSuite can really save you time and headache while keeping you super organized when managing multiple social media accounts.


The premier social media account manager.

30-Day Free Trial $9.99/mo

9.2 Total Score
One of the Market Leaders

HootSuite is a really nice tool. Try it out vs Buzz Bundle and see which you like best. I actually use both of them regularly, so that would be my suggestion. I typically only use the Hootsuite mobile app, and it's a huge time saver.

Feature Set
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