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A long time neck to neck competitor to Aweber is

They rival the giant Aweber on almost all features, and bring some unique things to the table as well. It could be hard to choose between the top 2 choices for your autoresponders, but you really can’t go wrong with Get Response.

You have started building your list right? If not, today is the day!

Start Your Free Trial

Get Response offers up a handy 30-day free trial so you can see if you like it over Aweber or any other e-mail software you are currently testing out. I would recommend this or Aweber as your first e-mail service provider. They can grow with you as your list does, and both offer tons of awesome features.  Simply click the link to the right and then confirm your e-mail (and fill out some more personal info), and you will have instant full-access.

*I was not required to enter any credit card or payment details to start my free trial. 

Get Response Review

Step 1: Add Contacts

This is a purely optional step and one that you will only be taking if you are importing your own e-mail list of customers or moving e-mail providers. You can enter them manually or upload a file.

Adding contacts on Get Response.

Adding contacts through another provider couldn’t be easier, so don’t be afraid of the switch:

Importing contacts GetResponse

Step 2: Forms

Building all kinds of forms on GetResponse is very easy and intuitive, and I’d have to give them the upper hand over Aweber on this one. Right off the bat you will see an abundance of nice looking, trendy forms to use. They are all easily customized of course, but they come in categories such as

The below image is just the top of the iceberg, they truly have a ton of different options available. Anyone can edit them and then copy and paste the code to their site, and if you can’t, they have easy integrations available with all major platforms. If you are thinking in your head that this will be too complicated, I promise it’s not – I’ll even help you for free if you leave a comment on this post telling me the problem.

GetResponse forms

Step 3: Create Your Newsletter

The final step of the 3-step easy process at Get Response is creating your newsletter. This is easy, and if you can write  post in Word, you can do this. You can choose to make a “chain” of e-mails which will be sent in succession to new subscribers, or you can send a “broadcast” to all on your list at the same time. It’s up to you.

You can edit directly via HTML or use the easy drag & drop modules.

GetResponse Newsletter

Why should you sign up to Get Response

  • Amazing E-mail template creator
  • Easy to set up autoresponder
  • 99% deliverability
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • Charts, Graphs and more analytics

As you can see from the best autoresponder category, GetResponse comes in a close 2nd place to Aweber.

That’s not to say that Get Response is lacking in any way, mind you – it simply means that it gets edged out in a couple of categories.

You would be very happy with Get Response especially if you plan on building your list big – which we all do.

Their 99% deliverability will make a huge difference down the line, and they have more affordable pricing for huge lists.


GetResponse really shines when it comes to Integration.

In fact, they connect to almost every app you can think of seamlessly.

For example you can integrate your GetResponse campaign in Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, Joomla and more.

getresponse integrations

Customer Support

Get Response offers 24/7 e-mail support, however not 24/7 by phone. They do have very good and responsive customer service agents that can help you instead of frustrate you further.

To be honest though, things are so easy to use at, you will rarely if ever have any reason to contact them in the first place.


So while some people say Get Response plays second fiddle to the giant Aweber, others in the industry say that Get Response is now the far and away leader for people building their first list. At the end of the day, I have used both – and they are both extremely similar. I vouch for both GetResponse and Aweber so give them both a 30-day spin to see which is more personally suited for you.

What do I suggest? Take the free 30 day trial of each, because at this point it is just a matter of preference.

In conclusion, Get Response is worth every penny. Take the 30 day free trial right now.


Get Response

Get Response is a leader of industry when it comes to autoresponders and e-mail marketing campaigns. Take the free 30-day trial to see for yourself.

30-Day Free Trial $15/mo

9.3 Total Score

You can't go wrong with Get Response. It is widely considered a top 2 contender for your e-mail marketing services. With 99% deliverability on your campaigns, it's not hard to see why.

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