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CTR Theme is a WordPress theme designed to increase your adsense income. If Adsense is your main source of online income, increasing the CTR with a great theme like this one will obviously increase your earnings as well.

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CTR Theme Quick Info
  • High Quality theme made for Adsense publishers in mind.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Adsense Secrets e-book.
“he go to theme for Adsense publishers looking to increase their CTR.
Kyle HealeyKyle Healey

The CTR Theme Plus for WordPress is designed with one thing in mind: to get you more ad clicks.

It’s traditionally a popular theme for those who have Adsense as their primary source of income.


Unlike some of the other WordPress theme providers on the top list, CTR Theme is a single skew business.

That can definitely be beneficial because they can focus solely on the theme at hand. The CTR Theme obviously stands for “Click Through Ratio” and the theme is intended to increase your Adsense CTR by optimal placements and more.

The theme allows you to change a low CTR site into a high CTR site in just one click.

CTR Theme Pricing

Current Pricing
  • Price: $67 (USD)
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days


The CTR Theme is different and unique because it is known as the expert in high Adsense click-through ratios.

That seems like a very specific niche at first, but then you realize there are literally multi-millions of sites who use Adsense who could benefit from a higher CTR.

That is why the “CTR Theme” continues to remain a top seller in the industry.

Here are some of the secondary benefits available from the CTR Theme:

CTR Theme Plus The Ultimate Google AdSense WordPress Theme


You can expect good customer support from the team at The CTR Theme.  You can contact them during business hours via live chat in the bottom right hand corner of the site, or you can e-mail them at anytime through the contact form.


Variety is a heading in the category of WP Theme providers on my site, because so many of them have multiple offerings.

While The CTR Theme only offers the one theme, “CTR Theme Plus”, it is consistently updated and highly worth a look if Adsense is your main website income source.

Obviously when you are looking to buy this particular theme, variety of themes is not the major draw. It is simply to increase clicks to the Adsense program in the biggest way possible, while staying within the rules of placement, etc.


The quality of the CTR Theme Plus is very high, and the documentation is great too. That means that you can easily setup your site and customize the theme the way you want it, even with little to no experience.

Go ahead and give it a shot if Adsense is your major income earner, you’ve got nothing to lose with the money-back guarantee. Of course you don’ t absolutely need a specific theme that is meant for Adsense to be a publisher of the program, you could do it manually. That being said, however, this theme is meant from the ground up to maximize CTR specifically for the Adsense program.

CTR Theme

The most popular theme for those who want to improve their click-through ratio.


9.1 Total Score

The perfect premium WP theme for anybody looking for a great Adsense focused theme.

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