Toronto SEO Consultant

I am in independent digital marketing consultant in Toronto. What does that mean?

It means I am not connected in any way to ad agencies, SEO firms, etc. Therefore you don’t have to take what I say with a grain of salt.

I also don’t have junior analysts, interns or assistants that add to overhead. You only deal with the expert, 100% of the time. I like building long term relationships and seeing my clients succeed in massive ways.

I have over 10 years expertise in SEO, SMM and E-mail Marketing. I can increase the online profits of just about any company. Don’t sell online yet? Fine, then we’ll start there.  I offer a free 15 minute consultation anywhere along the Yonge subway line.

You Need A Digital Marketing Consultant if you:

  • Want to build your business online
  • Need a forward-thinking marketing strategy
  • Need to improve your sales from SEO, Social Media and E-mail
  • Optimize your current PPC strategy
  • Need help or training monitoring the proper key metrics
  • Need a list of new-age KPI’s and what they mean
  • Want to improve your digital reach in local or foreign markets.
  • Want to convert more of the eyeballs you already see.
  • Are you ready to improve your SEO, Toronto?

Contact me for a free consultation at

Some past projects to give you an idea of the breadth of my knowledge and specialties.

King Of The Dot – Youtube Monetization Strategy, SEO Consulting

kotdYoutube Strategy:
Executives at KOTD, the world’s leading rap battle league and one of Toronto’s best entrepreneur stories, approached Kyle years ago when they were just getting their Youtube channel started. Kyle advised on proper monetization strategies via Adsense for Youtube, and how to increase traffic back to the main properties and other social networks of KOTD. The King of The Dot Youtube channel is now one of the most popular channels on all of Youtube, providing a steady source of income to the company.

SEO Consulting: Kyle also consulted with executives and the head webmaster at KOTD to increase organic traffic through on-page SEO efforts. In addition, there were a number of mentions on the internet of KOTD that didn’t provide a link, that needed to be cleaned up via outreach.

TotalProSports – WP Training, Launch Strategy, SEO Training

total pro sportsKyle was hired as a monthly SEO consultant with the additional responsibilities of training the founder of TPS on the CMS and future SEO strategy. is now one of the top sports blogs in the world, getting 6 and 7 figure traffic daily. Kyle started work at TPS on day 1 when there was nothing but a blank white page.

Metal Noir: Digital Marketing Launch Strategy

metal noirKyle was an early digital marketing consultant when Metal Noir first launched their web presence nearly a decade ago. Today, Metal Noir is one of the most sought after jewelry makers in the world’s hottest fashion markets.

Kyle consulted the founder of Metal Noir on future strategy so he could handle it on his own from that point forward.


Furthermore, I have helped countless local businesses with their SEO strategy, and for the last 10 years have been labelled as Toronto’s foremost SEO Expert. I have a passion to help local businesses, so please reach out to me and let’s do some business together.

Consultant vs. Agency

What is the difference between myself and an SEO Company in Toronto? First of all, you will only be dealing with the absolute expert when you are dealing with me. Guess what my employee turnover has been over the past decade? 0. Guess how many negative reviews I have received? 0.

My name goes with me everywhere I go. I can’t hide behind an agency name or push the blame on someone else in my company. I will look out for your best interests, as I want to continue to do business with you for years to come.

There are lots of good SEO companies in Toronto, so don’t get me wrong – but there are also not so good ones.

I am also a social media expert, paid advertising expert, and conversion optimization guru as well. I can certainly notice things immediately about your online presence as a whole that need improving.

Then if I look at things more closely, I will inevitably dig up gem after gem of improvements we can make.

Whoa Kyle, you sound expensive.

Why is it that everyone always says this to me? Toronto SEO Consultants are hard to come by, and actual experts even more so. But I will give you a few options in a proposal via e-mail and I’m sure we can work things out.

As a matter of fact, I have been told I am one of the more affordable SEO Consultants in this city, even while bringing the best results. I suppose I thrive on delivering value, and it’s so rewarding to help local Toronto businesses.

You’ll also be happy to know that I”m more of a marketing and tech geek than a salesman. So I won’t ever lay the pressure on you to blow your budget.

What Makes Me The Best?

Why am I Toronto’s SEO specialist? I have been educating myself and learning from others about SEO for 12 years, long before I started charging for it. I have done thousands of SEO experiments over the last decade, and continue to do them to this day.

I had so much success with my own SEO efforts in affiliate marketing, that I didn’t take a single client for 7 years. That left a lot of Toronto business owners dealing with less than stellar SEO firms and consultants.

Don’t worry though – I’m back!

Give me a call, the first one is free. 416-909-4865

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