BuzzBundle is a major player in the social media tool space. If you are doing any kind of direct content marketing, you should at least give the free version a shot. With the free version of Buzz Bundle, you can manage 2 “personas”, and with the paid version you can load up unlimited personas.

Need To Know
  • Buzz Bundle is a software based program, downloaded onto your computer.
  • Google Alerts on steroids.
  • BB will scan forums, Q&A sites, and blogs for specific data, and allow you to engage from within the software.
  • Use it as a major time saver in your day to day outreach.
  • Lots of features, without bloat. There is no need for 100 modules, but Buzz Bundle keeps focus on a few really well-done modules.

My recommendation: Download the free version and try it out. I would actually recommend buying the entire product as it’s a one-time fee and will pay for itself.

Still here? Let’s get started.



The BuzzBundle software runs on “personas“. You can set one up for each different project you have going on. For instance – I would set up 1 for and all associated social profiles, one for my music site, etc.

Obviously BuzzBundle is targeted at those who are running multiple projects at the same time, but it can also be useful if you are laser focused on one thing. Within each persona, you can add one social profile per social network inside.

Within each persona, you will also set up “tabs” (similar to HootSuite), that scan video sites, Q & A sites, etc. for the key phrases you choose. You can use these for brand searches, your own name, or for topics being discussed.

BuzzBundle add streams

You will be able to quickly switch between personas and unveil new streams and social scheduling abilities.

$199 $249

Social Scheduling

No social media tool these days would be complete without basic scheduling. I am not a huge fan of scheduling your social media posts in the first place, unless it is just re posting some of your recently published work, etc.

If you follow my teachings at all, social media is about engagement and getting prospects using your lead magnets, and all actions should be directed towards that. Social is not a soapbox, that is what your blog (or Youtube) is for.

Now that I went off on that little tangent, I will say that the social scheduling within Buzz Bundle is just fine. It’s not like it’s rocket science anyways, although some startups (not naming names!) would have you believe it is.

$199 $249


This to me is the entire meat behind Buzz Bundle, and the reason to buy it in the first place. Quickly switching between your personas or even just using one, you will be able to scan the internet for mentions of yourself, your competitors or any keywords of your choosing. This can be very powerful for outreach and marketing your current content.

For instance, I have recently published a mini-guide on CDN’s and why they are helpful to your online business.

There are two ways that I would recommend using the tabbed streams. The first is to develop your keyword groups well and have BB watch the net for them. Come back to the software a few times a day and engage with the people it has found.

Make sure you are linking back to super relevant content on your site, and make sure there is a freebie/lead magnet waiting for them when they get there. Use a strong CTA to make sure they get on your list. There is little point in using Buzz Bundle or any other direct marketing tool if you can’t connect with a portion of these people later in time.

The second way is to track your major competitors on social. It can be a real eye-opener to see how many times and exactly how they are being shared on the various networks and blogosphere.

Keyword Groups

These are either various keywords (similar to how G Alerts works) or domains that you are tracking under a certain persona. Hint: Get specific as you can with your keywords and phrases, as it will bring back better results. If you go too broad, I have found that (obviously) the results lose some level of relevancy.

buzz bundle keywords

Pros & Cons

If you’ve spent any time on my site you know that I always look for things to nitpick on, as no product ever created has been perfect. It is difficult to find many things wrong with Buzz Bundle, but that would make sense – I use it over dozens of otherĀ strong and weak competitors out there. You know I’ve tried them all, too.

  • One-time fee
  • Combines many social marketing and social media tools in one.
  • Can drastically save you time on marketing outreach
  • Must pay for updates after 6 months.
  • Sometimes results brought back are too old for certain keyword groups.

Hootsuite vs. BuzzBundle

These 2 programs are always mentioned in the same sentence together. I have both of them, and use both of them for different reasons. I use BuzzBundle as a “Google alerts on Steroids” and I use Hootsuite to save time checking various social feeds, allowing me to keep up in various industries I am marketing into.

Neither tool does something so groundbreaking, but they both save a lot of time. Enough that the monthly fee for Hootsuite and the one-time fee for BuzzBundle (minus free updates) are nominal compared to the value I receive.

One interesting note is that I use Hootsuite almost entirely on my phone, and Buzz Bundle just sits in my toolbar on one laptop. When I’m on that laptop (at least every other day), I check and engage with Buzz Bundle. That set-up works for me, feel free to do it too.


Overall, is Buzz Bundle worth the money? I say that it is. It contains all of the main functions of many other social media tools out there that are one-trick ponies, and does them all well. With the one-time fee, you don’t have to worry about costs getting out of hand with yet another monthly subscription to add to your books. That being said, updates do cost money after 6 months, but the price is right.




A top social media management console, offering scheduling, reports, mention and keyword tracking and more.

$199 $249

9.6 Total Score
Top Tier

One of the best social media tools for any business, period. It saves you a ton of time and keeps things super organized.

9.4Editor's score
Feature Set
10User's score
Feature Set
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    Derek DNK Solutions July 5, 2016 at 3:15 pm
    Feature Set

    I really like BuzzBundle has it’s a one time fee. I’m sick of the monthly software fees! Anyways I bought this for my web guy and he says it’s the #1 tool he is using right now. I write the blog posts, he does the SEO and outreach. And I’m glad I don’t have an additional cost every month, because they add up.

    + PROS: One time payment Helps with SEO and Outreach My guy uses it and it costs me nothing every month.
    - CONS: At first the price of Buzz Bundle was off-putting, so we took the trial. I and my web guy were impressed, so I bought it for him to use full-time. Couldn't be happier.
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