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It’s not doubt that 99 Designs is the go-to place for crowd sourcing a premium digital design of any kind. Whether you need a logo, book cover, full website or t-shirt, this is the recommended spot to do it. Since it’s such a key part of the review, let’s jump right into the pros and cons of 99 Designs.


  • Stunning designs from a number of designers.
  • Over 100 different categories of design, from logos to business cards.
  • Multiple choices for your project
  • Easiest way to get a designer to actually do what you want via feedback, because they are trying to win.
  • Full Refund
  • Pricey if you are on a budget (but actually below market value)
I am a customer of 99 Designs. I’ve only ever once had a design I didn’t like, and that was before they introduced their money-back guarantee. Nowadays, I would have just run another contest with more specific instructions. Nowadays when you make a project on 99 Designs, you are pretty much guaranteed to find something you like.

Other sites like this have come and gone, and 99 Designs still remains as the far and away leader.

99 Designs Pricing

There is a pretty wide range of pricing on the site with 4 levels. $299 – $1299. That is pretty much level across the site no matter what type of design you want, although there may be a few exceptions to that rule. Below you can see the current pricing in USD at the time of this review:

99 designs pricingDoes that mean that at the $299 level you will get low-quality designers? Not at all. There is still enough in the pot to attract a wide range of skill levels. You can also weed logos out as you go so people who are not up to snuff will not waste their time or yours further.

Ongoing Feedback

I think my favorite part of being a 99 Designs customer is that I can give feedback to the various designers (usually finalists only) on how they can impress me and get the win. When you are dealing one-on-one with a designer, it can be like pulling teeth getting minor edits done. When someone is in the heat of a contest, they just do it.

How Does It Work?

The 99 Designs process is very simple. Just follow the below steps and you will have your logo or any other kind of design ready to go.

  • Give a solid and detailed project brief. Be extra specific, as I messed this up one time and gave them too much creative freedom. If you want that, so be it – but if you are looking for something specific, mention it.
  • Pick 1 of the 4 packages.
  • Give feedback on the designs coming in. You will be able to weed out the designs and/or designers you don’t like very easily.
  • Pick your favorite logo, and have it downloaded to your computer.

Crowdsourcing vs. Traditional Design

99 designs adThis is always going to be a heated debate, but to me it is an obvious one. If you employ a designer that you are happy with, either in-house or via contract, keep using them.

If you typically hire design firms or ad agencies for this kind of work, try 99 Designs instead. You might even want to compare the 99 Design team vs. your in-house team to keep them sharp. There are just so many possibilities.

I personally would rather use 99 Designs because it provides a major advantage of choice, instead of being stuck with whatever your designer comes up with. Yes, I know – most of the time you get 2 or 3 mock-ups that are different, but that is 2 or 3 vs. 30-90 with 99Designs.com.

Is It Worth The Money?

I always tell people who are searching for a web designer on my social feeds, or at business meetups in Toronto, to just try out 99Designs.com instead. For a fraction of the price, time and headache, you can have a selection of premier designs, instead of just 1.

The current pricing structure at 99 Designs is a good one. For $299, you can get a very nice design, and the quality goes up fairly relative to the prices from there. Do give 99 Designs a shot, and at least take a look at all the insane amount of categories they do design contests in. Click here to view what kind of quality other businesses are getting right now in current contests.

Not Just For Logos

99Designs.com specializes in every type of design imaginable. It doesn’t have to be a logo, although that is the most common and traditional auction on the site. Take a look at the category list below, everything from book covers to t-shirt design is covered.

99designs categories


I have used 99 Designs before because it provides the variety and high quality that I’m looking for. The last thing you want is to have a high-end designer make you something that is objectively nice, but you just don’t like. With 99Designs.com, you eliminate those designs early in the process and end up with a tough decision on 2 or 3 gems.

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99 Designs

The premier place to crowd source stunning digital design.

From $300

9.3 Total Score

Easily one of the most popular sites for anyone looking for a digital design. Pricey but multiple options, and well worth every penny. Highly recommended by Kyle, and they have a full money-back guarantee.

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