10 Tips For Marketers to Win With Snapchat Memories

So by now you already know about Snapchat Memories, the new feature that has everyone scratching their heads. You may or may not have access to it yet, as it’s a staggered roll-out.


Snapchat Memories - What is it?

A video intro of what Snapchat Memories is.

Here are the biggest marketing implications that you need to know about this fundamental addition to Snapchat.

Firstly, here are some important facts about the new changes brought about by “Memories”.

  • Upload photos directly from your camera roll as a Story now (previously only p2p)
  • New “stories” can be made by sewing together previous snaps, and can mix and match with your phone’s camera roll. This creates a horizontal storyboard in your memories bank. This can then be sent as a “story” or as a private message.
  • Save snaps (uploaded or not) to your “Memories” (another word for a fancy camera roll)
  • Within Memories, you can add Snapchat filters or sew a few memories together to make a new story.
  • Memories or camera roll pics/vids uploaded as a story will have a white border and timestamp.
  • You will now be able to upload pre-recorded video as a Snapchat Story
  • Videos longer than 10 seconds will be uploaded as multiple snaps.
  • Swipe up on a memory to show the menu icon. There you can hide your snap into a “your eyes only” folder, export the snap, or create a story from the snap.

OK, now on to the tips!

1. Export Your Best Snaps Directly to Social

Who doesn’t love re-purposing content across platforms?

This is a brand new feature and a main reason you’re about to see Facebook and Twitter flooded with snaps. Simply swipe up on any memory, click menu, and click export.

You can upload a snap for the world to see as soon as you take it on any social network, send via SMS, e-mail or whatsapp, etc.

Displaying IMG_0760.PNGDisplaying IMG_0760.PNGIMG_0760

Then upload it online or send it off:


2. #MemoriesMondays

The answer to #ThrowbackThursdays, #MemoriesMondays (TM yours truly obviously) will be the new popular day to reupload your old snaps.

Make sure they are worth re-upping, because there is no consensus of how the general Snapchat audience will react to memories.

I can confidently predict the vast majority of Snapchat users will get sick of you real quick if your snaps aren’t worth the re-up.

Snapchat will also look to completely take over #TBT hashtags on other social networks, and you will start to see a lot more re-purposing of time-stamped Snaps on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

My prediction is that unless your memories are very interesting/funny/etc., you will simply annoy Snapchat users by re-uploading the same things over and over.

Do it sparingly and only with the very best of your snaps.

3. Snap a Recurring Series

Since you can now for the first time upload longer videos, as well as pre-recorded videos, it opens up a whole opportunity for implementing some type of recurring web series.

It can be small budget or no budget, the key is making it interesting enough for people to want to create some buzz about it.

Every week at a set time you can show a new episode, and schedule “marathons” once a week as well. That way everyone can catch up leading up to the newest episode.

Some smart Snapchatters have already been doing recurring snap series, to very good reception.

For instance, Everlane has a recurring Snapchat series called “Transparency Tuesdays” where they answer questions honestly about the company.

recurring snapchat idea

What a great idea (hint hint).

Literally any company can do something like “Transparency Tuesdays” and build a deeper trust level with their customers.

4. Make a Video Compilation of Your Memories

Into a Monthly or Weekly Youtube/Instagram/Facebook Video.

There is no doubt that watching second-hand Snapchat videos is going to become a big thing on FB, IG and YouTube. If you don’t believe me, just ask fans of Kim Kardashian. She’s only the most savvy social media user on the planet.

kim kardashian snapchat

You already see them popping up.

Think of how you see Vines everywhere on Twitter, Vine compilations in video format, etc.

There are insanely popular channels featuring nothing but the most viral vines. It will be the same thing with Snapchat now, so get in early by being a pioneer of compilations.

You already could have downloaded your own videos and pics to make a compilation, but now they will be timestamped (and Memories being a “thing” now will spark it).

You can highlight any memory from the camera roll and “export” it.

5. Use Snapchat Memories as a Contest

You can easily implement a clue-based contest using stories.

Have users try to guess what you are revealing, guess the answer to a riddle or a puzzle, or something along those lines.

You can give a prize away to the first person who DM’s you the correct answer, first 5 or 10, etc.

Keep in mind that all contests no matter the platform are dependent on offering something your audience will value.

  • Step 1: Snap a clue
  • Step 2: Save clue to memories
  • Step 3: Record clue #2 and save to memories without uploading.
  • Step 4: Upload Clue #1 and Clue #2 as a story together.

That way each user can get reminded of the previous clues, and people who haven’t seen the previous ones can catch up and participate too.

To further utilize this tactic for growth hacking, have them use a specific hashtag on twitter to submit (and time-stamp) their entries.

If you have a large enough Snapchat audience, you could even start trending on Twitter if people keep guessing.

“Answer us on Twitter with #hashtagwhatever to enter the contest”.

6. Reupload Snapchat Memories From Down Times

If an unusual a mount of your audience missed a Snap (due to holidays, bad thumbnail, etc.). This tip comes courtesy of  Jenz Chang via Neiman Lab.

Of course you only want to re-upload if the snap merits it – let’s be honest, most don’t. It would make more sense to loop it with other snaps and create a themed “story”.

You can only see one thumbnail below, but it is actually several snaps linked together.


7. Upload Higher Quality, Pre-Recorded Video

For the first time ever, brands will be able to pre-polish a video and set it as their main story.

This opens up a lot of possibilities, and I’m sure some brands will try to outright upload some advertisements.

While I would never recommend that, I think you will see some bigger brands try some cool CG stuff.

Who will post the first augmented reality Snap?

You could even edit videos using professional software on your computer and then export it to your camera roll, which many amateur snappers will do.

For most marketers, I think it’s best to keep most of the videos raw. You can always polish something special like a web series, contest series (see other points), etc.

8. Upload Extra-Long Videos

This is going to be interesting. You can technically upload videos much longer now. Interestingly though, they will be chopped up and sewn back together every 10 seconds.

That means you will see a blip/glitch every 10 seconds while viewing the snap.

The good news is that it works much more smoothly than previous attempts at manually stitching together long videos by many snappers.

The best part is you get to be creative. What can you implement into your videos to capitalize on the break every 10 seconds?

9. Hire an Influencer

There will always be plenty of companies throwing money at influencers.

With Snapchat being relatively untapped thus far, you could see full-fledged “Sponsored Snaps” coming from celebrities and influencers on the platform.

Obviously, that would enrage a lot of users. If history has taught us anything though, people soon get over the inevitable commercial side of social.

Just look at the advertisement feed that Facebook and Snapchat have become.

10. Extend the Shelf-life of Your Most Popular Snaps.

This tip is self-explanatory, however, must be done with caution.

There is no way you should be just reuploading all of your old snaps verbatim. Only the highest quality snaps should ever make it back to your “Storyline”.

Again, you should also utilize stitching them together (as a series, for example).

Time sensitive memories that are promoting something of great value to your audience (such as a deep discount to your service or product) can be uploaded again to remind people of the deal before it expires.

So there you have it – the top 10 marketing tips to know before taking on Snapchat memories.

Can you think of any more to add?

Let me know in the comments section and I will amend the post and link to your site.

Kyle is a guy who thinks about the future of digital marketing. A veteran expert in the SEO and Social Media space, he has re-emerged from the underground with new insights, advice and guidance.

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